Thursday, May 3, 2007

Berwick stitch

Berwick stitch
Berwick stitch is also known as Looped edge stitch and forms a line of upright stitches each with a knotted base. This is a quick and easy version of buttonhole which is useful on needlework motifs that have curves.

This needlework stitch is worked from left to right sewing over two imaginary lines.

Bring the thread out on the lower line, insert the needle in position in the upper line making a straight downward motion and then wrap a loop of thread around the needle point. Pull the needle through the fabric to form a loop. Tighten the knot slightly before moving to the next stitch.

Berwick stitch is equally effective with the knotted edge on the inside or outside of the curve.

In the case of using berwick stitch as an decorative embellishment on crazy quilting a more decorative line can be created with the use of beads, and a detached chain, or French knots sewn at the top of each spine.

The length and spacing of the spines can create ornate patterns and effects. This build up of patterns using the texture of the ridge at the base of the spine is also very effective in forms of counted thread and drawn needlework