Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Free Content for your Blog

As you may have heard before "content is king". Bloggers are mostly content writers. It is the content that drives traffic to your blog or website. To get more web traffic, you would add more useful content to your blog/site, however you might not be able to come up with quality content as regularly as you might wish(Reasons could be laziness, lack of motivation/interest, blogging fatigue, monotony etc.). In this situation you probably would want to keep your blog fresh with new content by getting free content for your blog/website.

The easy-lazy way is to use the free available content from article submission directories, which host articles from variety of authors on various topics, most of the directories will let you use the content if you follow the terms of usage and give proper credit to the author. Most times, you just have to publish and unlatered with the author/site credit resourcebox in the post footer. However do read the republishing terms of the sites, whose content you want to use as the terms might be different for different sites.

Here's a big list of article directories ( Bookmark & Share!) :

Friday, June 15, 2007

Get visitors from google blogs to yours

Here's a smart tip for those looking to drive a little traffic to their site/blog. Subscribe to the Official google blogs which are of your interest. I generally subscribe to the feed of those blogs of google services that I use frequently, like adsense, analytics, adwords, blogger etc.

Whenever a new article of your interest is published on Google Blogs, go ahead and make a blog post about the article and include a live link to the page, such as

Source :

Then, a link to your post will appear directly under the post that you have linked to. Notice that people visiting Google blogs would occasionaly stop by and check out your blog. Don't over-do this trick though, otherwise your blog will look like a discardable collection of irrelevant articles from google blogs.

Did you come from one of the Google blogs? YES! You see this tip works !