Saturday, January 5, 2008

Embroidery of Kalocsa

Embroidery of Kalocsa

The embroidery of Kalocsa belongs to folk embroidery groups which uses freehand drawings and mixed style of stitchings. This also means that in its peculiar style it is not bound to any form, color or stitching technique. Even amongst the rhythmically repeated motifs we can find variations.

The character of the original folk embroidery of Kalocsa is, that in drawing and in color the same motifs twice can't appear. There is no well known folk artist in Kalocsa who will repeat exactly a motif.

If on an embroidery of Kalocsa the pattern is symmetrical and the motif repeats itself it is not an original folk art. Even if a pattern looks symmetrical at first glance, when examined in details one can see differences in the drawing and colors of the pattern as the picture below shows it clearly.

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