Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jiah Khan

The recently sizzling actress in bollywood Jiah Khan was born on February 20, 1988 in New York. Her mother Rabiya is an actress and Jiah Khan has been brought up single handedly by her. Jiah Khan later moved to London where she spent most of her days. Before coming to bollywood Jiah Khan completed her A levels in film studies and literature in London at the Lee Strasberg’s Institute. It is also rumored that Jiah Khan is actually the daughter of Tahir Hussain, father of Amir Khan. If this is true it makes Jiah Khan Amir’s stepsister. Though Tahir Hussain denies about having any such relationship with Jiah’s mother. But Tahir does admit that he and jiah’s mother were good friends.

The greatest turning point in her life was bagging the, Ram Gopal Verma directed movie Nishabd. Her popularity is highly attributed to her debut movie where she is paired against maestro, Amitabh Bachchan. After this movie Jiah Khan does not need any introduction to the Indian Movie audience. Jiah Khan has rocked Bollywood with her bold and stunning performance in the movie and her character in the movie has created a nation wide sensation.

Before doing the movie Jiah Khan was not aware that Amithab Bachchan was a very famous bollywood icon. This ignorance helped her to perform her role in the movie with ease and confidence. Jiah Khan admitted that her training at the Lee Straisberg’s institute helped her cope up with kissing scenes. Three things that she learnt during the making of the film from the Amitabh bachchan himself was how to be patient, how to smell good and how to give disapproving looks