Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Articles: Party Tips For The Young Ones

1.Artists and Models: Provide old white dress shirts for each guest, and a set of markers. A great activity for the guests is creating works of art on each other's shirts. The souvenir is the collective art shirt.
2.Creative Crafts: These parties are very popular, especially with girls of all ages. A favorite is tissue flower making, where the materials for each guest cost under a dollar. Gather recyclables and turn your crafters loose on their own floral creations. Guys will get into painting baseball hats or t-shirts.
3.Fix Your Own Food: Parties that involve each guest preparing his/her own pizza, tacos, subway and for dessert, sundaes are a hit. Paper chef's hats and aprons, personalized with guests names are a great touch. Games and entertainment include reference to food preparation: Match food with person, song, book or TV program title (ie.Cookie Monster, Tutti Fruitti, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.) or dance the Mashed Potato.

4.Costume Swapping: Costume swapping parties are hilarious when guests bring outfits for each other. The creativity is boundless when another's embarrassment is at stake. Award prizes for best (or worst) stage and video tape a fashion show. Show the video during refreshments for an incredibly successful finale.
5.Treasure Hunts: Treasure huntscreated to take place in your backyard or near neighborhood will intrigue the young guests. Provide a super sleuth kit, complete with magnifying glass or pirate's gear for each guest depending on your hunt's theme. Each team goes on a different trail to collect their clues.
6.Funky Music:Playlets or Musical Productions, complete with costume effects, props and a set or two, will bring out the talents of guests. Parts are assigned by drawing for them and you are the director. Include non-speaking parts such as animals, trees, statues, piano, etc. For youngsters that cannot read. Video tape the fiasco (and it will be one) for viewing during refreshments.

7.In House Camping:Weather permitting, plan camp out sleepovers in your backyard. Set up tents and a campsite. Start a fire for cooking out, keeping warm and gathering around for singing and scary stories. A pancake breakfast tops off the outing. Take lots of photos and video for souvenirs.
8.Fancy dresses:Gather costume effects like hats, boas, jackets, inflatable instruments for extra pizzaz. Make cassettes for favors. Video taping will be a major hit.