Thursday, April 2, 2009

Silk pure silk

Luxuriate in a Silk Filled Duvet with a pure silk casing. Rest your cheek against the lightness of a Silk Wrapped Pillow. Envelop yourself in a blanket of sumptuous silkiness. At SilkCafé we are dedicated to bringing the highest quality hand-crafted silk into your home. Welcome to SilkCafé, Europe’s leading fine silk specialist. SilkCafé sources only the most luxurious hand-made silk

available, and is the exclusive distributor of Multree silk bedding and Multree home furnishings. SilkCafé has taken the time to establish personal relationships with its silk partners to ensure that you receive the absolute highest quality silk at a price that is affordable. Each item is inspected to make certain that it meets SilkCafé’s flawless standards and that you enjoy the ultimate silk experience.

experience. SilkCafé prides itself on only distributing organic materials, so the 100% silk touching your face and body is all natural and created without the use of sprays or other harsh chemicals, ensuring that both the silk and the environment are protected during the production process. All SilkCafé silk products are hypoallergenic, repel dust mites and wick moisture away from your body to ensure a great night of sleep and an even better morning wake-up.