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Beautiful Indian Bridal Wear - Blue-Green Trends

For today's blog article, the focus is on stylish and modern blue-green bridal lehngas that we have come across recently. These are really beautiful Indian Bridal wear indeed. Also, featured is an inspiration board of blue-green colored accents that can be incorporated into your wedding to create a blue-green theme.Hope you are amply inspired by blue-green today!Little Known Blue-Green Facts:Blue

Kasuthi - Tutorial

The following are the basic designs used in Kasuthi Work. We can enlarge the design by combining all the basic designs. The diagram shows the steps involved , the direction of the stitch, the design looks on front side of the fabric and back side of the fabric. The Red arrow indicates that the stitch comes on the front side of the fabric and the Black arrow indicates that the stitch comes on the back side of the fabric.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plates for Mehndi Decoration

Mehndi is decorated in the plates for the mehndi event. Girls of young age usually arrange these stuff with candles and colorful papers. These plates are used to present the mehndi in a beautiful manner. Girls carry these plates and put them in front of the stage.

Theme for Making Mehndi Entrance Beautiful

The preparation of the mehndi event should speak for itself. People do tremendous work to make this event memorable. Houses and catering halls are decorated in a very beautiful and eyecatching manner. The first glance of the entering door should be very good. A hand made fountain like in the picture can be made to bestow the event with charm. Beautiful flowers are decorated in a very attractive way around the fountain. Fragrances are used to mixed with the water to make the area refreshing and unforgettable.

Mehndi Decoration

The occasion of Mehndi is fun, We also call it Rasam-e-Hina, which is celebrated mainly by the bride's family. Today in our Pakistani culture weddings are no more a small affair with only get together of family members and friends. But it is celebrated in a much more larger canvas than earlier. It is a lavish and elaborate affair nowadays. So pre wedding functions are no more a private affair.Transforming your dreams into reality with highly skilled professionalism and aesthetics. Beautiful thematic decor and subtle arrangements will definitely add grace to your events.

Green Cotton Kurta for Gents

This long kurta is designed for mehndi events. It is a casual hand block DABOO print kurta made by vegetable dyes for long lasting colors. Gents have the culture of wearing cool colored kurtas on mehndi events. Usually a shalwar is weared with it, but some where it seen that people wear trendy pyjamas and jeans with also. This is pure cotton and needs gentle wash.

Bridal Of Mehndi

No Pakistani/indian wedding is ever complete without the Mehendi. Whichever part of the country the bride may be from, her hands are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehendi (mehndi).

Beauty parlors have special bridal mehendi packs - these days, the brides have a choice between the Pakistani mehendi (which covers pretty much most of the palm) and the Arabic mehendi (in which the pattern is drawn to one side of the hand). The cost of applying the mehendi may vary from parlor to parlor.

Silver Jewelery with color

Collection of silver jewelry is divided in little item style wise section. Like you want to have silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants, silver bracelet, silver necklaces.As Asian's has from age’s good craftsmanship’s and tradition of craft jewelry of silver. So all our working team has this unique experience from their forefathers and using the old technique of handmade silver jewelry.

Silver Jewelry

Silver too depends on the weight and size. There are various types of silver jewelry available in the market. White silver is usually worn by traditional women while the oxidized jewelry is very popular and worn by young women as part of costume can get a large variety of designs and colors, you can even bargain and get at cheap rates. From anklets to necklaces and chandelier earrings, etc, one can get a very good collection of silver jewelry.

Gold Jewelry

Some people used to wear gold jewlery on mehndi or wedding events.Gold jewelry is available in unlimited designs and patterns. Since ancient times, people have used gold in every occasion as it is considered to be very auspicious. Gold jewelry sets come in 18 and 24 carat and come in heavy sets, daily wear sets while giving the hallmark.

Kundan jewelry in red and green semi precious stones studded in gold is one of the most popular trends in the jewelry market. White gold jewelry sets are also popular and exclusive. There are traditional balis and bangles, gold mangalsutras that are very popular and worn by most women. Moonstones and rubies studded gold sets are also common part of the jewelry sale

Indian Bangles

Indian women have a taste for color and design. Indian bangle jewelry is available in many colors and shades. A visit to the bangle market or even a local bangle shop will leave you astounded with variety and shades available. You can oppurtunity for a pair of two bangles, four bangles or dozen bangles too. New brides prefer to fill their hands with bangles covering three fourths of their arms during their early days of marriage.

The vibrancy and vividness of bangles in India is strikingly visible during fairs, festivals, marriages and other special occasions in India.

Gold Bangles

On the expensive side, you could go in for gold bangles, silver bangles or even bangles studded with precious stones. Rich in color, perfect in finish and with a dazzle and a shine, these bangles definitely highlight your rich taste and choice. They not only look classy and stylish but also elegant too.

Fashion Bangles are worn as per the prevailing fashion of the time. Fashion bangles are equally creative and novel too. Some evergreen fashion bangles include tri colored metal bangles, oxidised gold metal bangles, and wooden bangles too. Some of the wooden bangles come in different designs and patterns. You can choose from hexagonal shaped bangles, square shaped bangles, thing bangles, carved wood bangles. Painted wood bangles and design painted on top also form lovely fashion accessories too. Among fashion bangles, you could opt for open metal bracelets, antique finish bracelets in the chunky funky variety too.

Rajistani Bangles

Bangle jewelry is not new to India. Indian bangles are made out of copper, bronze, gold, silver, plastic, rubber and not to forget from glass also. Glass bangles are mainly produced in Firozabad, India and available in multitude of colors and designs. They still remain the hot favorites and most preferred of almost all Indian women.

Rajasthani lac bangles are equally attractive in design and shape. They are made out of a natural resin called lac. The lac bangles come in various colors and sizes. They are often adorning with tiny trinkets such as flowers, wires, beads and gold foil. When Rajasthani lac bangles are worn in coordination with bright and vivid Indian attire of ghagra choli or lehenga, they definitely add extra color and glamor to the appearance. Married women of certain tribes in Bihar wear lac bangles to signify their married status.

Lahori Khussa

The Moguls' embellishment of the Lahori Khussa made it into a trend for the ordinary as well as the privileged and the Khussa of heera Mandi became an important part of the subcontinent's culture. Lahore's traditional embroidered shoe, the Khussa, is a specialty of Heera Mandi - a bazaar of great historical and cultural significance. During the Mogul era and for a while after it, prostitutes of the city were believed to be teachers of culture and tradition and influential families used to send their children to them for grooming. Fashion in those times was a blend of the trends and what suited the individual. He said the pointed Khussa, the slipper and the Kandhay Wala Khussa were popular varieties in the bazaar. The Khussas of Heera Mandi were costly and prices at his shop ranged from Rs 200 to Rs 300.

Men's khussa

The khussa is also available for the male also.They used to wear it on mehndi events or wedding.This trend is very popular in Asain countries.It become a tradition there.They wear khussa with the shalwal kameez.
This exquisite khussa has beautiful embroidery with tilla work. This hand made khussa is made with high quality leather.

Ladies chappal

khussa shoes are made with the finest quality soft and pure cow leather. Khussa shoes are traditional footwear and are hand made with colorful and sophisticated embroidery on them. The warmth of the hands of great craftsmen make khussa shoes really fun to see and joy to wear.

This exquisite chappal has beautiful embroidery with tilla and beads work. A multicolor fur is added to its top to increase its traditional look. This hand made khussa is made with high quality leather.

Red Khussa

Most of the people prefer red suit on mehndi events specially girls.The red suit looks beautiful with the red Khussa.The red khussa looks very beautiful with other colors like blue,yellow and sea green color.The sequence of stars and pearl are applied on khussa.

Khussa shoes are made with leather and are hand stitched. Khussa are made in numerous designs and styles. Khussa shoes are famous for their finest embroidery works.Khussa shoes are made by expert craftsmen with a touch of perfection. Embroidery is done with beads, sequins, thread, dabka, tilla and other such materials. These embroidery works makes khussa a perfect match with any fancy dress. Khussa are comfortable and are easy to wear.

Green Khussa

Khussa are hand made shoes. Khussa is a traditional footwear in Pakistan and India. Khussa is worn for casual use as well as in parties and functions. It is very popular in wedding and used as wedding wear we well.This khussa is painted with beautiful color.The green khussa is vey useful in mehndi events. The yellow suit looks very beautiful and traditional with green khussa.

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Mehndi Designs

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Aari work using rimzim thread


Its light blue jasmine silk plain saree. I have done Aari work using Rim Zim Thread on this saree. I used white bead on the centre of the flower and light green tube and pink bead around the flowers. It took 30days to finish. The design comes on both edges of the saree.

Aari Work - Blouse Neck Design


This is a violet colour silk saree blouse. I have done Aari work with stones for flowers and mango(big) sequins for small mango design and bead work for neck border. It took 2days.