Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gold Bangles

On the expensive side, you could go in for gold bangles, silver bangles or even bangles studded with precious stones. Rich in color, perfect in finish and with a dazzle and a shine, these bangles definitely highlight your rich taste and choice. They not only look classy and stylish but also elegant too.

Fashion Bangles are worn as per the prevailing fashion of the time. Fashion bangles are equally creative and novel too. Some evergreen fashion bangles include tri colored metal bangles, oxidised gold metal bangles, and wooden bangles too. Some of the wooden bangles come in different designs and patterns. You can choose from hexagonal shaped bangles, square shaped bangles, thing bangles, carved wood bangles. Painted wood bangles and design painted on top also form lovely fashion accessories too. Among fashion bangles, you could opt for open metal bracelets, antique finish bracelets in the chunky funky variety too.