Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Magical Romantic Wedding Kiss

The Romantic History of Wedding Kiss

By: Amanda Jane

A kiss is still a kiss no matter if you do it the French way or any way. So why has that short show of affection between the bride and groom became such an awaited part on most weddings?

Today's wedding kiss is a testament to the newlywed's devotion and love for each other but it had a more practical meaning during the Roman Times when it was used to seal the legal bond or marriage contract. This may be the origin of the expression "sealed with a kiss" and that does not only refer to a wedding. It seems that the Romans are known for their fascination to the ancient art of kissing. They started the passionate betrothal kiss which is said to be the origin of the kiss which was done at the end of the ceremony.

That kiss between the new husband and wife serves as a public agreement that they willingly enter into a life-long contract called marriage. The more superstitious ones believe that the wedding kiss paves the way for the mingling of the couples' souls.

Even the Catholics had their share of popularizing kissing when it was made part of the Catholic Mass in the 13th century. This practice was however removed during the Protestant Revolution although Christians have continuously kissed the Pope's ring.

But while Catholic weddings are characterized by the kissing of the bride, it was the Russians who first incorporated this tradition into the wedding ceremony to seal the promise with the act. Even modern weddings have these rites not only in the church but even during the reception. Traditionally, the guests signal their desire to witness the kissing of the bride and groom by clinking their glasses during the reception.

However, some couples distribute wedding bells not only as favors but also to be used by the guests requesting a kiss of their own. Whatever the history of the wedding kiss, it sure makes the event more romantic and memorable.

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