Saturday, July 25, 2009

Most Wanted Wedding Destination Places

Wedding Oriented:
Most Wanted Wedding Destination Places

by: Georgina Clatworthy

Las Vegas - A Vegas wedding may seem kitsch & a 24hr wedding chapel is the further thing from your idea of a romantic wedding, but in recent times Las Vegas has become something of luxury location, for weddings. The large hotels provide fabulous venues for weddings & offer a long list of wedding related services. Accommodation & food is inexpensive, so bringing a lot of guests would not break the bank. there's a lot to do in Las Vegas, with no shortage of entertainment or choices for fine dining.

If the idea of the local church or mansion house for your wedding doesn’t appeal to you & you’d much jet off somewhere romantic or exotic (or both!), then you're probably wondering where the best locations for a location wedding are. In reality the possibilities are countless & every top ten list will vary in someway. The following list of destinations is by no means conclusive but contains a broad range of popular locations around the globe.

Cruising - Cruises have always been synonymous with luxury, fine dining & high society. A cruise wedding gives you the options of getting on board the ship or a ceremony at an onshore venue when the ship docks. The major cruise companies now offer services for weddings including special incentives for wedding travel. Another option is to hold your wedding & reception on board the ship before it sets sail, your guests can all disembark afterwards, leaving you to sail in to the sunset on honeymoon.

Hawaii - For the archetypal beachside wedding look no further than Hawaii. there's plenty of venues to select from & all offer a great range of wedding services. You could marry under a waterfall, in the rainforest or even have an underwater scuba ceremony!

Mexico - The luxury resorts of Cancun, Acapulco & Puerto Vallarta are making Mexico one of the best destinations in the world to get married. Mexico offers a wide choice of stunning locations for your wedding & nearly every hotel offers wedding services.

The Caribbean - Probably the best known location for location weddings, with the island of Jamaica being the most popular. Caribbean resorts can offer several choices of location & extensive wedding services, including an onsite wedding coordinator to fulfill your every whim!

Europe - From historic capital cities to romantic rural getaways you will find a huge choice of stunning locations across Europe. spain is becoming a popular choice with it’s fabulous architecture & stunning countryside. Scotland offer some amazing castles or go for the glamour & glitz of Monaco, where you will find some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Disneyland/Walt Disney World - If your dream is of a storybook fairytale wedding let Walt Disney supply all the details, including the venue, reception, flowers & twinkling lights! You can arrive in Cinderella’s carriage & marry on the steps of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Disney World can offer the perfect fairytale wedding.

Fiji - The fabulous tropical island of Fiji will give a relaxed & stress free venue for your wedding. You can reserve one of the plenty of islands for your wedding, get married in traditional Fijian dress & sit down with your guests to a huge island feast.

The Bahamas - there's over 700 islands in the Bahamas, plenty of with their own unique cultures. Popular destinations include Grand Bahama Island & Nassau or Paradise Island offering perfect locations for a location wedding which can be as large or as intimate as you like. Why not get married on one island & after saying goodbye to your guests, sail off to honeymoon on another.

Costa Rica - Although not an immediate choice for a location wedding but this little country has a lot to offer couples looking for an exciting & vibrant location. there's plenty to do here if you're the active kind. The coastline offers plenty of relaxing beaches & the cosmopolitan city of San Jose offers plenty for those who want luxury & shopping!