Saturday, July 25, 2009

Providing an Elegant Wedding Stationery

Wedding Tips:
Wedding Stationery Ideas

by: Jason Hennessey

Why it’s all in the Detail

Arming your guests with as much information as possible within your invites is a nice idea. If you furnish them with the bare maximum you will no doubt find yourself answering countless phone calls about accommodation, wedding registry, dress code & travel arrangements. Avoid the extra stress & make sure you include everything you think they will need to know to make it your wedding & enjoy themselves.

Many stationery designers can put together an information sheet for you to include with your invites or for something more upmarket pick an envelopments style invite which has little pockets for your invite, RSVP & other information cards such as accommodation & travel.



It would be safe to say that the majority of your guests will require to stay overnight probably before & after the wedding, so make a list of hotels, B&B’s & guesthouses in the locality, along with addresses & contact details, so they can book themselves. If you're getting married in a hotel or having your reception in one, ask about a group booking rate. You may receive a healthy discount if your book a number rooms for your wedding guests. Furnishing your guests with this information means you won’t be left with the additional headache of having to book accommodation for all your guests.

Supply your guests with details of trains, buses & even airports, along with a set of directions to the ceremony & reception venues. Those that don’t live in the local area will appreciate this & will hopefully prevent anyone from getting lost on the day!

Gift List

A gift list or registry is traditionally a list of items you & your new husband would like to get as gifts from your guests. In the past, as couple’s didn’t traditionally live together before marriage, a gift list consisted of various household items which they would need to set up home. It was the finished thing to include a copy of the gift list with your wedding invitations, however, many do feel this impolite & that guests should decide for themselves what to purchase. In modern times most couples would have already lived together & set up home before marriage & will instead ask for money or gift vouchers. Many guests do appreciate being given some suggestion of what to buy you & a discreet reference in your invite may prevent you or your father talking countless calls about what you would like!

If you wanted to put together a gift list or registry many high street department stores will do this for & will send your guests a copy of your list. When a purchase has been made it struck off the list to prevent any doubling up of gifts.


it is up to your own personal feeling about whether or not to invite kids to your wedding. If you require to invite the kids of your friends then it is a nice to include their names on the invitation. However, some confusion can arise if you don’t include them, so it may be wise to include a short note with your invite making it clear the kids are not invited. Be diplomatic & maybe say something along the lines of ‘Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we’re unable to invite young children. they hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience’.

In etiquette terms a dress code only applies to black tie functions, however, you may like your guests to wear something that compliments the style or theme of your wedding. It was a trend for celebrities to ask all their guests to wear one colour such as black or white to their weddings. If you require to apply a dress code put a simple note at the bottom of your invitation & maybe include further information separately depending on the nature of the dress code.

Dress code

Consider anything else you think they may need to know. Some couples like to include a copy of the menu, which can prove helpful in finding out if any of your guests have dietary requirements you were unaware of. You could also include the time you expect the evening reception to conclude or when the bar will close. Also indicate if you're having a money bar at your reception, so that guests come prepared to pay for their drinks.