Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lovable Pooja Gandhi biography

She is known as the hot seductress of Sandalwood and is admired for her generous sex appeal She is none other than Pooja Gandhi.

Actress Pooja Gandhi is born on 7th October 1987 in Punjab. She is also known as Sanjana Gandhi, is a popular actress in Kannada film industry.

Pooja Gandhi hails from Punjab. Her father name is Pawan Gandhi, a businessmen. She has two sisters Radhika and Suhasi. Radhika Gandhi is also working as an actress  in Kannada films.

Pooja Gandhi  studied in Delhi Public School. After I year she lost interest in studies.She got an opportunity to act in a Bengali film. Since then, she has never looked back and has been associated with success in the South Indian film industry.

She made her debut in the Bengali film Tomake Salam released in 2003. She moved to South Indian film industry with the Tamil film Kokki which did not show promising results in the box-office. She has also acted in Dhamad Ke Intizaar and has even finished a Tamil film Vaitheeswaran opposite Sarath Kumar.

She has also entered the Sandalwood Industry Kannada Film Industry beginning with ""Mungaaru Male" which was a super duper hit. It has finished 250 days and is still running houseful, is even the most successful Kannada film till date beating Dr.Raj Kumar's film.  Mungarumale has earned till now a huge sum of forty crores, the highest till now in the Kannada film Industry.

After "Mungaaru Male", she acted in Manmatha, Milana, Krishna, Hani Hani, Accident, Kamannana makkalu, Tata Birla, taj Mahal, Maharshi, Anu, Bhudhivanta, Welcome, Minnagu, Haage Summane etc.

Following "Mungaaru Male" movie, she was an ad-model for several shaving cream advertisements. Her dream roles are that of 'Arth' and 'Lamhe'".

Pooja has make her Tulu language film debut in Beere Devupoonje, playing the role of Raja Nartaki. The film, produced and directed by R. Dhanraj, will be based on a Tulu warrior named Devapoonja who lived 400 years ago.

It was recently quoted in some magazines that Dr. Kiran (distributor of the Kannada films overseas) had pointed out that Pooja Gandhi was frequently using his car and mobile. He even stated that, in times of troubles, he has helped her family member's also. But Pooja refused all these claims by Dr. Kiran and even told that he was a liar and a psycho. She had even offered sufficient documentary evidence to prove that she was the owner of the car and mobile.