Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage beauty queen SONAM's biography


Sonam was born on 2nd September 1972. Her real name is Bakhtawar Murad Khan. She is a famous Bollywood actress who is also acted in Tollywood.

She is the niece of character actor Raza Murad and granddaughter of veteran character actor Murad. Farukh Kabir (the director of Allah ke Banday) and Sanober Kabir are her cousins.

She debt her Bollywood by Yash Chopra in the 1988 film Vijay. She shot into fame in the 1989 film Tridev. She was known for the song Oye Oye...Tirchi Topi Wale... in the film which was very popular at the time. Also for the first time she was recognized for her performance is Mitti aur Sona. Earlier, she was known as Sex Symbol. She made over 30 films from 1988 through to 1994.

The poise, with which she carried off a sexy two-piece as early as 1988 in Yash Chopra’s Vijay, was Sonam’s trademark.

In 1990, she acted in Tollywood movie Kodama Simham opposite to Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi, which was a big box-office success.

But, she shocked everyone when she married Rajiv Rai at the age of 19 years old and declared that she quiting movies.

After marrying Bollywood film director Rajiv Rai who had directed her in Tridev and Vishwatma in 1991 when she was only 19 years old and left the industry. Her father-in-law was successful film producer Gulshan Rai. She had to leave India with Rajiv Rai in 1997 after an attempt was made on his life by the Mumbai organized crime leader Abu Salem.

She is now settled with her husband in the UK and has one child with him.

A close friend of Sonam’s reveals that her marriage with Rajiv was seriously troubled and that their only son Gaurav had kept the couple together. But now, the buzz is that Sonam wants to renew her career in the entertainment industry. Given her lineage, that shouldn’t be tough.