Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hottest bikini and swim wear trends - The best of swimwear and bikini trends

Hottest bikini and swim wear trends for 2009

The best of swimwear and bikini trends for 2009!!!
hi, i am assuming that like others all of you pretty women out there must be excited about the trends in bikini and swimwear trends for 2009.

And i am going to try and help you all by posting some pictures of Hollywood celebrities which probably will help you checkout the hot bikini trends

Lets begin with Lindsay Lohan and check out what is in her collection of swimsuits for 2009.

Lindsay has chosen black as her bikini color for this year and she looks sexy in both the black bikinis she is supporting in the pictures above.

Moving on to Cameroon Diaz, she looks stunning in her green beach bikini while frolicking the Hawaiian beaches. Cameroon is all set to set the 'green' trend. It would be worth the effort to explore the stores to buy a green bikini...


Jeniffer Aniston was spotted holidaying with friends in Mexico wearing mis match bikinis during her stay. Doesn't look very appealing. Check her out below....

The gorgeous Kelly Brooke too was out in the ocean enjoying the waves in her stunning sexy bikini and one piece swimsuit. Look out for her very pretty black bikini with a floral print. Thats surely a trend setter!!!

Britney Spears seems to recovering well from her depressive years after her divorce. She went through rough waters but now seems to be sailing through them smoothly. Her bikini bottom is looking a little two small for her otherwise muscular body. So you girls out there with a same body type may like to opt for something more pretty..

Giaane Albertoni, the sexy Brazilian model shows off her startling collection of bikinis and swimwear in bright colors and hues. Absolutely gorgeous collection here! Advice to all swim wear lovers out there, go fetch them....

Gisele bundchen looks stunning in her lovely bikinis below. She is supporting bright colors for her swimwear collection for this year. You probbaly would love to posses one of the below.