Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 Romantic Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

You can Impress your girlfriend by doing these small things for her!

 You do not have to spend money like water to impress a girlfriend. Just by doing little romantic things you can easily make her happy. Here are some ideas to do just that.

  1. Write her a love letter and present it to her in a romantic way- Write a letter to her explaining what she means to you. Take your time as you do it. If needed spend a whole month writing and editing. Only then you will be able to create a letter that looks refined and romantic. Give it to her in a heart shaped box filled with artificial rose petals. If you are wondering where to get these items, check out your local craft stores. They usually carry boxes of all shapes and also packets of loose petals. Good news is that they are usually under $6.
  2. Give her a rose- Notice that a whole flower bouquet is not mentioned here. Actually nothing makes a girl happy than one single red rose, for it is beautiful, romantic and holds many deep meanings.  You will not believe, but this one rose will be kept inside her book for a long time as your token of love.
  3. Make her a birthday cake- This might seem difficult, but you can still do it even if you do not know how to cook. Just use cake mix found in local grocery stores. Bake your cake, cover it with her favorite cream or icing and write a birthday wish along with her name on it. On seeing it, she will not only blush, but will also feel the love you have poured on it.
  4. Make your kisses for her special- Normal kissing is done always, but sometimes try making out with her while the slow romantic music is on. This will move her deeply and you too will see how the atmosphere has suddenly become very beautiful.
  5.  Give her a CD filled with love songs dedicated to her- Research on your favorite songs. Look into your playlists and then pick the love songs so you can make a CD of them to give her. Once you are done making this CD put it in a case along with a small letter explaining why these songs are meant for her only.
No matter what you romantic thing you do, always make an effort to keep it as a surprise for her. This will actually impress her all the more. Also remember you do not have to wait for a holiday to come to do these things for her except the birthday cake one. As long as she is in your life you can celebrate love just about any day you want.