Sunday, February 13, 2011

Impressive beauty Karishma Kapoor's biography

Blue eyed beauty Karishma Kapoor was born on 25th Jun 1975. Her nick name is "Lolo". Karishma Kapoor was one of the beautiful and talented actress in Bollywood.

She is the first daughter of actress Babita Kapoor, and actor Randhir Kapoor. Her younger sister, Kareena Kapoor. Now d days, Kareena is one of the super star in the Bollywood film industry.

She is born in a family that have been actors for generations, including her paternal great-grandfather, Prithviraj Kapoor; her grandfather, Raj Kapoor; her paternal uncles, Shammi, Shashi, Rishi, and Rajiv; as well as aunt, Neetu Singh, and Jennifer Kendall, the wives of Rishi and Shashi respectively. On her maternal side, her grandfather, Hari Shivdasani, and aunt, Sadhana, have been actors in their own rights.

Hot scene from Raja Hindustani

She spent her early years of schooling in "Cathedral and John Connan High School" at Fort - Mumbai and did her CBSE before she joined "Sophi College for FYJC" in Arts quitting her education in the end to stage her entry into the Bollywood.

In Bollywood, Karishma Kapoor's popularity has grown by leaps and bounds not with standing her Kapoor Tag. She's won all the appreciation with her looks and dance rather than her acting skills and performance on screen though she's no dummy when it comes to her acting capabilities. She's one of the most glamourous girls in Bollywood and has got the maturity in playing the roles offered and given to her to the perfection so rapidly that she now stands among the top ten of the Bollywood.

She has acted with all the heroes and enjoys her profession keeping fit all the time that whenever she gets her time off she finds and makes a bit of it to dance. She loves her profession which keeps her going all the time that she has a dream of getting into sort of a business having connections with the Bollywood as she wants to be a woman of substance.