Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  The Easter Bunny and the table-setting fairy just came to my house!  Actually I feel asleep on the sofa earlier and woke up at 1:00, TV on, computer, dog and husband also sleeping on the sofa beside me!  I sent Doug off to bed and then decided to set the table for breakfast.  One less thing to do in the  morning and I could use the breakfast plates to hold the Easter goodies.  Bethany and Ian were asleep in their rooms so I did not want to wake them to get their Easter baskets.

Doug, Ian, and I had a WONDERFUL trip to Anderson, SC yesterday to visit with my aunt and two of my cousins and their spouses. It was such a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed myself so much. Such a perfect way to spend the day before Easter!  But the long trip and a nice dinner on the way home contributed to my untimely nap!

I am using my pink Bordallo Pinheiro plates for Easter breakfast.  I think the pink plates are perfect for Easter morning!  I went with everyday stainless (can you say, goes in the dishwasher) instead of silver, though I did add stemmed beverage glasses.  I didn't think about before this very moment, but I SHOULD have used my Yudu and made Easter napkins!

Above is another view of the table.  Below is a view of Ian's plate before I added his DVD set and CDs to his placesetting.  As my children have aged they prefer more "stuff", less candy, in their baskets.  Bethany has a bit of candy and two gift cards.  Aaron and Crissie, who will not make it for breakfast, will get a Zoku frozen pop maker, Zoku tool set, candy, a Longaberger Easter basket for Crissie to match Aaron's basket, and a gift card.

Finally, here is one more view of the centerpiece - embellished with Easter 2010 eggs and glitter eggs.  I have had this egg tree in the entryway since completing the decorating.  But I thought it could sit in the middle of the lazy Susan (a name I find so unfair!!) for Easter day.