Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swimsuits For Every Body Shape

Summer is almost here and if you still don't have that perfect swimsuits were here to help you. Find out, which is the best swimsuit for your body shape.

Type 1

Small bust will be visually increased if you choose a top which is slightly wrinkled, shrunken, has two layers, flounces, strong patterns or strong colors. If you like clean lines it is best to choose a swimsuit that goes around your neck and has a lower neckline.

Type 2

If you have a large bust it is important to choose a swimsuit that has some extra support, preferably under wire tops. Choose simple patterns, dark colors or dark in combination with other colors.

Type 3

If you have a larger waist than you can choose a one-piece swimsuit in a dark color and distinct patterns on it because it will lose the contours of your waist. You can also opt for a one-piece swimsuit that is made of two distinct parts, as well as those that will emphasize the bust.

Type 4

If you have a shorter torso and want to elongate it choose vertical stripes or swimsuit with multiple shades of one color. Also a good choice would be combining two colors, which will create the impression of a longer torso.

Type 5

Long torso will shorten if you choose horizontal stripes. Also a swimsuit which has a belt in another color or a one piece swimsuit with a bra in a different color will emphasize the bust.

Type 6

If you have heavy hips and thighs choose a swimsuit that will provide a little more cover. You need a larger lower part, in the form of shorts or skirt, and preferably in the dark colors. A good choice is a swimsuit in a color combination where the lower part is dark and plain, and the top is different and has more colors.