Monday, July 25, 2011

biker tattoo

biker tattoo
biker tattoo represent a rebelliousness associated with the open road. The most popular tattoo is the eagle. It represents “ride free.” Unless you’re part of the biker culture, don’t get a biker tattoo. The exception to this rule is a personal connection you have to the subculture. Then, the tattoo is meaningful.

Many biker tattoos represent loyalty for their motorcycle like the Harley Davidson motorcycle tattoo. The Harley Davidson tattoo is the most popular because Harley Davidson is the most popular motorcycle ridden. Since Harley Davidson is made in the United States, many of the biker tattoo designstattoos are American flags.

Many bikers tattoo designs nude women on their biceps. Then, when they move their biceps, the woman moves. Never put a biker tattoo on the ankle or shoulder.

Many bikers will wear tattoos of something or someone they care about. You’ll see names of spouses, children, or a motorcycle club. It’s a way for them to show loyalty.