Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blogger Lift #16

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Featured this week:

Pictures in the Words

Blog: Pictures in the Words
Blogger: Thalia
Tags: Review. Pictures. Words. Bibliophile. Tumblr.

"Words are pictures, too.
A room without books is like a body without a soul.

Thalia. Sixteen. Bibliophile."

I Love Tumblr!! and this is the first Blogger on Blogger Lift from Tumblr! its such a creative space and I LOVE It!!! and this Blogger is not the exception on creativity and beauty!

Now lets know more about this Tumblr Blogger:
1.-In Between Writing and Reading what do you like to do?
Pictures In The Words: Well, one of my biggest passions is video editing. Some would call what I do "fan videos" where you take a song and footage from a show/game/movie and then make a music video out of it. It's a perfect way to vent emotions and just to make something beautiful out of something ordinary.

2.-Convince me to join your Blog Twitter Style. 140 Characters or Less. GO!
PITW: Do you get bored waiting for the next review? PINT blogs not only reviews, but photos, quotes, and even videos about books as well! Stop by!

3.- A Word. A Planet. A Holiday.
PITW: Blasphemy. Pluto. Thanksgiving.
(Pluto is definitely a planet! (: )

4.- If you could make the world read one book, which book would we read?
PITW: That's a tough one! There are so many I love! However, I'd have to go with City of Bones, the first in the Mortal Instruments series. No other book has put my stomach in such knots and made me not want to read anything else!

5.- I Love Tumblr, its different from blogger and I find it to be more personal. Why did you went with Tumblr instead of Blogger?
PITW: I've been using tumblr for about a year, and before that, I'd had a Blogger account. However, I found it too boring; when you aren't posting things about your personal life, your blog is fairly empty. With Tumblr, you can't get bored. Your followers can still get to know you, even when you don't post everything, by what you reblog and what you like. It's ideal for book reviews, because followers can still be entertained by book-related things, even when you don't have a review coming any time soon.

6.- I Love the name of your Blog! where did it came from?
PITW: Let it be known that Yellowcard is my favorite band of all time! I was so thrilled when they came of hiatus and released a new album. My favorite song on this album was one called, "Hang You Up" and it just brought tears to my eyes whenever I heard it. The ending line of the song is, "My ears are tired from all the pictures in the words, cause you are in them still." It always just stuck with me.

7.- What's your biggest passion?
PITW: Another hard question! While reading, writing, and video editing are all huge parts of my life, I believe singing is my biggest passion. Both my brothers are amazing singers and I've always looked up to them; choir is always the first on my elective list. If I couldn't sing, I don't know how I could live.

8.- and Now you get to describe your blog in more detail :)
PITW: Not only will you never be bored scrolling through this blog, but you can stay away from spoilers, too. To start every review, I give a basic overview of the book and what I thought of it, if you're a new reader who doesn't want to be spoiled. If you've read the book already or don't care about spoilers, I go into details of what I specifically enjoyed or wish had been left out. It's a setup I try to maintain to keep everybody happy! Hope to see you there!

You can find the Teen Readers Book Club here:

A Super Cute Blog and a Super Cute Blogger. I Love Both and hope you do too ;)

Thanks Thalia for being part of Blogger Lift!