Thursday, July 28, 2011

Body Art Tattoo Designs-Good and Bad

Body Art Tattoo Designs-Good and Bad
Having a body art tattoo is pleasing to seem at and can be a source of concentration for the one who is sporting it. This is particularly true that’s why it is frequently availed to by people who want to grow concentration like thespians, athletes and musicians. Concentration can be either positive or negative and in the case of tattoos, mostly negative. This is why having tattoos are discouraged by many people even while the thinking of it is quick becoming more and more popular.

Body Art Tattoo Designs-Good and Bad The negative concentration at the back having tattoos was greatly influenced by the fact that it mostly linked with criminality and bad activities. It is a normal practice for gangs to sport a precise type of body art tattoo as a sign of membership and recognition. It is a normal view in prisons where jailed criminals get tattoos to represent the crook acts that they have done. This is why persons with many tattoos are simply linked with serious criminals who have lived a life that is complete of crime and misdeeds.
Aside from these, tattoos are also link with people who spends most of their lives at sea. Memorize “Popeye the sailor man” with his prominent anchor tattoo? Being a sailor is just one of the many professions that regard tattoo as a normal practice and culture. Others consist soldiers and circus workers. This is why parents who don’t want their children to be linked with these professions frequently smirk at the view of even the simplest and most blameless – looking tattoo.
No matter what the reasons at the back having a body art tattoo are, the significant thing is that it is used as a medium of self – expression. Hopefully, as time goes by it shall be accepted eventually by everybody in the world.