Monday, July 25, 2011

Celtic Knot Tattoo Design

Celtic Knot Tattoo
Celtic knot work is easily identified and associated with beautiful representation of Irish artwork. The interlacing knot work patterns has captivated tattoo enthusiasts and flash artists. Celtic knot tattoos are very attractive and appealing, but can also by deeply symbolic to the individuals choosing this type of flash who are often with an Irish or Scottish background. The Celtic knot consist of alternating over-and-under structure, knot like patterns developed in Irish history. Celtic tattoos are a way for people with this heritage to express their pride.Celtic Knot Tattoo Design
On a basic level, celtic knot tattoos symbolize eternity. The line work is an interweaving of over and under patterns of lines that have no end. Similar to the symbol of eternity which has no end. Often these celtic patterns are adorned on the skin of people expressing pride in their heritage although tattoo lovers of all backgrounds choose these beautiful pieces of work. Depending on the intricacy of the pattern and size, this design can be difficult to tattoo and some tattoo artists do not care for doing this work at all. Other artists enjoy and some even specialize in this style of artwork. Pat Fish is a well known tattoo artist specializing in celtic designs and if you have in interest in this style you should look up her work on the net.
Celtic Knot Tattoo sleeve
The pattern is exact and requires an artist with patience and strength in detail. Some artis
ts do not enjoy this style and others love it. Find an artist with skills as well as one that "like
s" this style. There is nothing worse that a tattoo artist who is not enjoying the session and is not enthusiastic in his approach to your tattoo. If he is excited he'll do a better job.