Monday, July 25, 2011

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs
The choice of a religious design for many has a deep faith based choice and for others, it can represent a memorial for someone they have lost.
It may give the wearer of this symbol a spiritual feeling in the same way that wearing a religious cross around the neck or some type of other physical symbol of their faith. A permanent reminder of their believes and convictions. Proudly displaying their beliefs for all to see.
There are many variations and styles of tattoo crosses representing different faiths and designs. Probably the most popular and common cross is one of the Christian faith. It represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross. Within this category you will find many variations including the Latin cross with is a very simple and basic design. The representation is broken down thus: the vertical line = the divine, the horizontal line = the world, and where they intersect is the union of both. You may see other elements added to the cross design to represent the Christian faith such as a crown of thorns or nails representing the nails used to hang Jesus from the cross.
Some people may not have a big religious influence motivating them to get this style of tattoo, but rather find themselves attracted to the cross shape and for these fans of the cross, there are styles to be found with less of a religious overtone and rather a stylish tone. Such as celtic and gothic style cross designs.
You can find variations of cross designs combined with other subjects such as praying hands, rosary beads, flowers, doves and text.