Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flash Tattoo Art

By entering into a tattoo shop, you'll usually see tattoo images on the wall or in binders consisting of flash art, from which you can pick your design. These tattoo designs are hand drawn by the original artist (usually on paper, on paper or card stock for lasting lamination later). Artist or may be part of flash individual or group them in groups. Usually these will consist of a simple line drawing without color, which helps your copy tat artist easy, as the black lines are easier to follow than that already have color tattoos. Original Artist will provide a full-color version so that you can see how tattoo will look when finished.

Your artist will first make a stencil of the tattoo flash, tattoo giving a "temporary" that he / she can describe then follow when applying a permanent tattoo. In this way you can see that tattoo looks like and can make changes, if necessary, before the ink is applied and can not be changed. Of course, it is always good to make your tattoo original art using your flash as a starting point for your tattoo, adding or removing elements as you and your tattoo artist fit, giving your tattoo its unique .

Be aware, though, that the original piece of art, drawn once, hold the copyright status and fall under the same laws as other copyright material in which the original artist may take action against the tattoo artist and person who supplied art if these songs are illegally obtained. Since this has become a major problem with Internet use, companies have created places where flash artists can upload their art and give members the right to pay to download, copy, and use of art, without fear of copyright violations. So, although you probably can get away with stealing someone's art Eels, who participate in Bootleg flash tattoo art tattooing hurts the whole community. This not only hurts the original artist, who had spent their time and talent in creating the design, but it hurts tattoo community as a whole, as a great artist can become discouraged by this kind of theft and creating left by leaving customers with fewer design options.