Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gotta Love Vegas...

Vegas has been Amazing!! I LOVE It here! I practically come every year, what I most love: no matter how many times you come, its never the same ;)

My brother just finished his Master Degree and him and a bunch of his friends - including girls - decided to come to Vegas and he and I are close so I was also invited! that's why I'm here.

Funny Fact: its like my name disappeared the moment we came to Vegas, everyone is calling me Freshman ^^

I don't have many pictures right now to show, I'll make another post when I'm at home but I do have this Really Cute T-shirt, that cost Ridiculously Expensive and a Size too big. ^^ it was the only one in that store. by Ridiculously Expensive I mean 20$, maybe its not a lot of money but I always get my T-shirt free, my brother gets them for me from where he works. but something expensive is this 56 dollar T-shirt from Cirque Du Soleil.... not talking about that one, but look!

ARRBUCKS!!! How cute is that? I Love Starbucks so It was only natural I had to have this one.
My Favorite Starbucks Coffee: The Green Tea Frappuccino. it's this green thing that looks like avocado - which is sorta disgusting - but tastes really good ^^

We've also been eating like cows, there are lots of buffets here, can't blame us. So when the girls as me when to buy some mini shorts - its as hot as hell here -we where all "OMG I look sooooo fat!!" Duh. we are girls, what did you expect? another great thing about being girl is that we know how to deal with the stress of being fat. We go eat it - the stress I mean. Yup, after buying those cute little shorts we went for 44onz. Floats at the Coca-Cola store. One for each one. Gotta Love Vegas.

Once back home I will completely forget I ate like a cow and that I've been spending money like a rich kid - which I'm not so, whoops! - After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ;)

I hope everyone is having a Happy Summer!!! Goodbye for now!