Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How a tattoo ruins a girls body

One thing mum had always said to me was how a tattoo ruins a girls body. I never got that, I was of the opinion that tattoos made a girl look amazing, colourful and very individual. It’s taken until quite recently for me to work out what she meant and how true it was. I’ve been noticing girls lately who have one small tattoo on their arm, ankle, wrist, chest or lower-back and just thought to myself “Wow, that’s going to look shit when you get married in your beautiful wedding dress”. Not because she has a tattoo at all, but because she chose some irrelevant design off the wall and got it without much thought about how it really does ruin the rest of her tattoo-free body. I don’t mean to just target girls of course, I’ve seen similar mishaps on guys, but it really does look worse on girls to have the one badly done tattoo of a dolphin on their chest that is always just poking out from anything short of a skivvy top. Yuck.