Monday, July 25, 2011

Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoos can provide a design that fits into just about anybody’s personal style. This is to create, in effect a delicate balancing of power with beauty. Usually you see Japanese tattoos with very familiar elements. You might seen various depictions of dragons, carp and even cherry blossoms. And these elements can be fit together in a many different and complex ways. Another popular themes among Japanese tattoos are depictions of great or epic battles. Take this Japanese tattoo as an example. It’s a beautifully inked design and one that is very complex. It appears to show a great battle or struggle and it may have taken it’s roots directly from ancient Japanese fables. This Japanese tattoo goes to show you just how complex and breath taking these designs can be. I especially like the dragon that is nestled in between the two warriors. But, I can’t seem to figure out what the dragon is trying to do. Is it decided the outcome of the battle or simply waiting to see who is the victor. Perhaps the dragon in this Japa

japanese back tattoo-back tattoo