Monday, July 25, 2011

Making a Heart Tattoo Unique

As a girly tattoo design, hearts are especially popular. Most heart tattoos are especially popular for those individuals that are seeking their first tattoo and are seeking a way to choose a small tattoo that can be placed on the hip, the ankle and even the shoulder blade or wrist that contains a simple design. The heart is the most simplest of designs but can come with a wide variety of meaning when it comes to choosing the tattoo. When you choose a heart tattoo, there are many variations. Therefore, choosing the right one can mean designing the heart yourself or creating elements which can help to create an enchantment within the heart, or creating a design which can help to customize the heart tattoo
Here are some ways that you can customize the heart tattoo that is placed on the body –
- Consider using initials or a name within the heart. These could be your own initials or name, or they could be those of a partner or a child. This is a great way to commemorate a relationship, the birth of a child and even the love for you.
- Use colors that are away from the traditional red colors that are chosen for heart tattoo designs. This can help to encourage individuality and to create a custom tattoo that can be used to define a personality.
- Consider a placement of a grouping of hearts that can be placed on the body. This grouping of hearts can be used within the hip area, the foot area as well as many others and lead the individual to customize the design.
- Choose heart shapes that are out of the ordinary. While choosing these shapes, consider non-traditional shapes such as oblong hearts or hearts with various shading to create a custom appearance of the tattoo.