Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rihanna Gun Tattoo May Be The New Trend

Rihanna Gun Tatoo Picture

Rihanna has been a busy girl since coming out of hiding a few weeks ago. She’s been spotted out dining, clubbing and house hunting. Also, it seems she has been getting inked in an effort to gather the world’s largest collection of comically undersized tattoos.
After the much imitated “Shhhh!” tattoo, and the stars she shares with on-again-off-again BF, Chris Brown, Rihanna now has a further new tattoo in the shape of a small gun under her arm. Not the most subtle message in the world to send to Brown (which is what I imagine she is doing). Would it not have been less effort to just write ‘Eff You!’, or words to that effect instead. Whatevs.
The Alien Princess got inked with a thumbnail sized gun tattoo under her pit. The ‘Umbrella’ singer got the ink done by a tattoo artist named Bang Bang, in L.A, who said, “I really wanted to put it here on her arms. She loved ‘em. But, Cover Girl wouldn’t have liked it much, and they pay the bills! Ended up doing it on her ribs.”
Initially he drew two guns at the top front of her arms, but Rihanna said those would cause a problem with her Cover Girl contract, so they opted to put the tattoo in a less obvious place (above).