Monday, July 25, 2011

Tribal Tattoo Design

tribal tattoo Before you apply your stencil ensure that you clean and dry the skin with iso-propanol alcohol and a clean cloth.

Then position your stencil in place.
tribal tattooS Instead of painting the entire tattoo design black I am just going to paint around the outside edges to give it an embossed effect.

To do this I paint around the edge of the stencil and allow the overspray to drift onto the skin.
tribal tattoo art To add a really cool effect I am using a different type of stencil commonly used in airbrushing called a shield. This is another one of my own creations - Skull Mania. All I have done is used the small skulls on the sheild and painted a few here and there.

This will aslo add to the depth of the design and make it really look like it's stamped into the skin.

tribal tattoo ideas