Monday, July 25, 2011

tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf Tattoo Design

One of the reasons why wolf tattoos are so popular is because of its association with mystery, unpredictability and beauty. The animal undoubtedly looks fierce and powerful, but if you look a bit deeply, you will notice the magic it carries in its captivating eyes and the aura of mystery that it exudes. All this could be figments of human imagination since wolves have routinely featured in the ancient folklores which we have all heard while growing up as a child.
Wolves have stuck in our imagination, just like fairies did. One was associated with power and darkness while the other was linked with wish-fulfillment and happiness.
The other reason why wolf tattoos are popular is perhaps because it can be worn both by a man or a woman. While the design can be made to look bold, large and fierce to symbolize power for the man, at the same time, it can be made to look pretty and dainty when it is etched in a smaller version using thin lines for the woman.
Its design parameters make it suitable to be inked on any part of the body including arm, ankles, back and shoulders. Both tribal and Celtic wolf tattoos are popular in the western world.
Then there are people who combine their wolf tattoo with other symbols like flowers, hearts, skulls, crosses, fairy, sun, moon and the stars. You could even access a real-life photograph of a wolf and get the photo adapted to a wolf tattoo design. Not only will your wolf tattoo be unique and stand on its own, it will be a completely different tattoo from the wolf tattoos available in standard flash designs either online or the catalogue of a tattoo parlor.
There are equally variety of wolf tattoo colors which can be used like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, as well as in black and white or black and grey. When you search for wolf tattoo designs online, make sure that the outer lines and the general layout of the design is not blurred and hazy; that the picture is of top quality, if you want a real-life depiction on your body.
The wolf is known to carry many myths and legends in different cultures of the world. Modern dogs, for your information, are descendants of Asian wolves, and the animal shares a very close relationship with man for many years. While the usual tendency is to associate wolves with cunning, stealth and evil (due to folklore influence),their group behavior makes them associated with courage, teamwork, loyalty and victory.
Their habit of howling at night have been always associated with the evil spirits of the underworld, but in reality wolves are one of the most powerful, strategic and shrewd animals that live on this planet.