Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zodiac tattoos

Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are the most special and popular designs owing to their flexibility in respect of design and interpretation. A perfect form of self-expression, the star tattoos are often associated with dreams, hopes, goals and determination. These tattoos are versatile patterns with a wide and interesting range of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Individuals can make their choice based on their preference.
There are different star tattoos and each is associated with a different symbol. Following are some of the most preferred star tattoos.
Shooting stars: These are beautiful tattoo designs that are often associated with some special or memorable moment of ones life.
Nautical stars: These star tattoos are considered as symbol of guidance, protection and safety. The meaning has been derived from the old superstitious belief that nautical stars guided travelers to their destination.
Hexagram or the Star of David: These six pointed star tattoos represent the star or Shield of David and is associated with Judaism. The six points represent stability and beauty.
Star Tattoos
There are other star tattoos that are classified on the basis of their number of points. There are pentagram star tattoos, hexagram star tattoos, septagram star tattoos, octogram and nonogram star tattoos.
Star tattoos are semi-abstract patterns that can be designed to suit any individual tattoo concept and preference. Tattoo enthusiast can opt for smaller or bigger star tattoos as per their choice. While the smaller patterns are not very clear in details, the bigger star tattoos are more emphasized and detailed.
The colors and shades used for the star tattoos actually enhance the over all look of the design. Different colors can be experimented with. But often colors are chosen depending upon the skin tone of the person. Black is one of the commonly used colors for star tattoos because it represents bold statement. However, one can opt for a more colorful pattern