Friday, August 5, 2011

Between Updates

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting much lately!! I came back from my vacations and today I started College!!

So I apologize a lot and I offer Carrots for you:

This week I'm back to posting regularly and I also take this chance to day that I probably just had my last visit to Borders. Look at my Face!!

Yes!! Those are sad Puppy Eyes!! Speaking about puppyes, I placed the books I bought in my last trip to borders over my dog. she was not happy:

Again really sorry for not posting anything this past week! but next week the Forget-Her-Nots and Stay review will appear in this blog I guarantee!!!!

and as a Sorry for you guys I am adding TWO MORE BOOKS to my 18th B-Day Giveaway!!! so you have 20 books to choose from!!!!

Here are the last 4 ;)

Again, I apologize, I'll stop conserving my personal Energy and get to work ;)

-Lots Of Love to all the In Between Followers, from a Freshman College Girl :))