Friday, August 12, 2011

Christina Aguilera Make Up

Christina was another starlet wearing a strapless gown and showing off her curves. She paired her look with a very soft pink lip and rosy cheeks. Learn how to get her look below.

“I wanted to create a soft natural look on Christina to compliment her gown and new haircut,” said Kristofer Buckle for NARS Cosmetics. “Her dress choice was a beautiful pastel peach with silver. I didn’t want the look to fight with her gown. The final look is chic and seamless, with a earthy colored smokey eye and glowing skin.” – Kristofer Buckle for NARS Cosmetics

Christina’s Top 6 Beauty Product:

1. Davines Momo Conditioner
“This has a good, thick texture and really feels like it’s getting in.”
2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
“I like makeup that doesn’t dry out my skin.”
3. Dior Rouge Lipstick
“Whenever I’m in the studio, even if I’m wearing sweatpants, I have my red lipstick on.”
4. Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Night Balm
“Moisturizing is big for me.”
5. Inspire by Christina Aguilera
“It’s a combination of all my favorite scents.”
6. MAC Eye Shadow in Smoke & Diamonds
“Love these shadows. I have a lot of colors.”

Christina Aguilera Glamour Make up

Christina has always been known to have a love for makeup, and is rarely ever seen without having a full face on.

Christina Aguilera gave a great interview about her favorite makeup and her beauty routine:

You seem to have fun with hair and makeup. When did that start?
I’ve aways been a girlie girl. I used to sit at my mom’s vanity and play with her perfume and lipstick. I’ve had a love affair with makeup since Day1.
Your new fragrance, Inspire, is due out this month. Tell us about it?
I wanted to put my own flavor into it so it’s all about radiating sex appeal but still feeling comfortable in your own skin. The combination of tuberose, freesia and gardenia definitely has a musky, provocative vibe.
Do you think women should wear perfume every day?
Absolutely! Pregnancy made my nose very sensitive to different smells – especially the way other people smell. And you never know when you’ll be in a room with someone who has a nose like that, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
How else has mothrehood affected your beauty routine?
Maybe mothers have less time to do specific regimens, but they have this glow about them because they’re so happy on the inside. My little guy [Max, 7 months] lights up my whole world.
What about the odd beauty indulgence?
I’m not really big on crazy expensive treatments; I like to go pretty basic and take care of my skin.
How would you describe your look?
With every record I put out, I make a drastic change. I like to try new things and not take myself too seriously.

Christina Aguilera Great Eyes Make Up

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