Sunday, August 21, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!

I was Awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Fellow Blogger Lauren at A Novella's Tale.
This award is mainly for small blogs that are Amazing!! and deserve at least 1000 Followers! You must pass it on to 3 Blogs, if they want they can also pass it on :)

and this Liebster Blog Award Goes To:

Laura at A Work Of Fiction: This is one of My Favorite Blogs, I love her post and she has such a unique voice. also, she's really sweet!

Sarah at Read Away The Day: Her blog is so beautiful and Artistic! She's just pure Art :)

Meredith and Erin at Mint Tea and A Good Book: This girls are Hard Working Bloggers and deserve every follower they have! Their Blog is just amazing.

Thank You so Much Lauren! :))