Monday, August 8, 2011

Monster Review-a-thon Mini-Challenge [1-2]

Monster Review-a-Thon

The Monster Review-a-Thon is hosted by The Book Monsters

August 7th-13th

Challenge #1 - Rethinking Your Review Format

1. Are you happy with your review format currently?
I just changed it so yes! right now I think I am :) I added a Review in a tweet and also changed my review system and got a way to involve my love for music with my reviews adding the Playlist for each book.

2. Scrutinize it a little more, maybe compare it to other blogs you like, anything you think you might change?
I would love to have some sort of signature in my reviews. Some bloggers have such a unique reviewing style and I love it! I would also like to make them a bit more short, sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I don't. there's just so much to say! ^^ and maybe be a bit more charismatic...

3. Implement some basic changes and tell us what you think. Or, you can tell us one or two aspects of your reviews that you like.
Changed: The Playlist, The Tweet Review and The New Rating System.
The playlist is just for fun. The tweet review is more of a challenge, takes me some time to actually make it really, really short.
New Rating system: I like it more, a LOT more. I'm the kind of girl that every time she finished a books she's like; OMG! Its amazing 5 stars, 5 STARS!...... this is what usually happens ^^ I actually take some time and then later think of my rating. if I could I would give 5 starts to every book. the new review system is a bit more specific in the sort of amazing: Amazing-Really Good-Good-Ok-DNF

I just love books, I think they're all amazing, you just need to see what level of amazingness they reach [except the DNF ones, those are my limit xD]

Challenge #2 - Cross Posting Your Reviews
"As reviewers, we tend use multiple book related sites: Goodreads… Amazon… LibraryThing… and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Each site has their own benefits and reasons for why we use them. But if you are like us, then you have a really bad habit of putting off adding them to other sites.
That is where today’s mini-challenge comes in. Your mini-challenge… if you choose to accept it… is working (or starting) in cross posting your reviews."
I always always post my reviews in my blog and Goodreads... I need to get to Amazon and LibraryThing... and also I need to start using twitter, I just hate tweeting xD

I'm not sure I'll get to Amazon since I don't have an account and don't buy on Amazon... I'll just use my brother's account :D!
I'll get started on LibraryThing O.O