Monday, August 15, 2011

Small Eyes Make Up

Eyes are the most important and attractive feature of face. Most of us dream to have beautiful and big eyes, but not all are blessed with the same. But with few makeup tips and tricks one can make her eyes look bigger and attractive. With proper shading, shaping and highlighting, one can easily enhance eyes shape and make eyes pop. After tips on applying mascara and eye liner application tips, here comes some Eye Makeup Tips to make Small Eyes Look Bigger and remarkable.
Steps to make Small Eyes look Bigger:

Curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler before applying mascara. One can also curl lashes AFTER mascara is applied, before mascara gets dried up. Don’t forget your bottom lashes, as lower lashes really make eyes pop. Apply mascara on bottom lashes by holding the brush vertically and then sweep it back and forth.

Talking about the color of mascara used for small eyes, then black mascara is not one and the only option. One can also opt for nice browns and navy blues that work well in opening up of eyes, making eyes look bigger. Black sometimes makes eyes look heavy and small.

To add defining features to eyes, wear false eyelashes so as to give eyes a more wide-eyed, innocent look. Preferably, make use of natural-looking eyelashes.

Make use of creamy white eye pencil while trying lining your lower lids. Use of White eyeliner sounds odd but it really opens up the eye. Use white liner on bottom of eye or try putting it on inside corner of both your upper and lower lids will make eyes look wider.

If one does not want to use white eyeliner then platinum highlighter can also be opted to open up eyes. Dot along browbone and then blend in. Use highlighter at inner corners of your eyes. Follow with eye shadow.

Avoid using eyeliner all the way around your eyes. Doing so will make ones eyes look smaller. Eyeliner should be applied on lower lashes, just below the lash line, not inside the rim. Don’t let line come to inner corner of eye.

A tricky technique to make eyes look wider is – extend eyeliner past the outer corners of eyes. This line should be move upwards a little, mimicking a long eyelash.

Make use of a light shade of eyeshadow or shade matching with skin tone. Use shadow to contour eyes, by blending lightest of the light shades all over lid and a slight darker tone on outer corners and into socket so as to create depth, which will make eyes stand out.

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