Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Between Updates...

Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been posting!! sheesh I seem to be saying that a lot lately... O.O

But I am really Sorry! its just been a sorta-kinda crazy week x)

and what's worse is that I had no blogger Lift last week O.O One of the Bloggers Canceled and I had no back up and I was freaking out and ended up doing nothing - typical me. BUT this week is back :D! yayyy just give me a minute to post it ;)

Reviews for this week:

Girl vs Boy T]tomorrow and Shiver on Tuesday :D!
I'll also be making a Series Review of the House of Night Series but I'll leave that one for next week ;)

Love you guys thank you so much for following! :)

Really Good News: The Panda Loves You :))