Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Birthday :P and Other Bookish Stuff

The Cookie!!
The Birthday

The Giveaway is over! I'm contacting the winners right now and now we'll just have to wait for their reply :)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! and also, because Lilith asked, here's what I got for my Birthday ;)

I was gonna go out with my friends but our plans had to be canceled because we had a lot of Homework :( BUT since I have amazing friends they baked me a huge cookie and we all ate it in school :D

and I they also gave me a book

and my uncle gave me 20 buck which are now invested in a year subscription for Nylon. I LOOOOOOVE that Magazine :D!

and a New Laptop :DD!!!!!! it was more of a school supply thing but I am still counting it as a present xD this is actually the first Blog Post I'm making in him [yes, my laptop is a He. his name is Will. Yup, I name my laptops and cellphones and Ipods]

and my mom also got me a Red-Velvet cake at Costco x)

You Gotta Love MAC's xD
Honestly the best of my Birthday was school, lol, I know that's weird but I had such a good time in the MAC's will all of my friends just goofing around with the Photo effects. Honestly everyone in life should have the opportunity to take pictures with a MAC xD

Other Bookish Things:

My Review of The Hollow is already up and my Review of Tris and Izzie will appear in a few minutes. I'm almost done reading The Frankincense Trail but I won't post my review until November because I'll be part of the Blog Tour, so that one will take a little while.

I guess that's all... and Once again, Thank You for your Good Birthday Wishes :D!

I LOOOOOVED this picture! God Bless the photo effects in MAC's xD