Monday, September 19, 2011


New trends of Body Painting.
Soccer body painting and body paint soccer girls. Body Painting growing trend today to be one of the most popular type of art on the body. Body painting is a form of temporary art, which usually only lasts for a few hours. But if you use henna can last for several weeks.

Traditional Body Painting
Soccer body painting and body paint soccer girls. Man in the days of pre-history to paint the body using the natural paint dyes, such as paint, pigment, tattoo, ash and clay. Because at that time with the paint on the body is considered to have magical powers, which can ward off evil spirits at that time. Usually the body paint is used to celebrate the traditional ceremonies.
This activity can still be seen on the natives of New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, and in certain regions of Africa.
Henna or Menahdi is made of herbs known by the same name and is also in use in India and middle east countries.
Especially in pernikahn ceremony. Mehandi became popular in western countries starting in the 1990s. While in South America in this body painting using wet charcoal, annatto, and huito to decorate their faces and bodies. Because huito This is a form of black dye, and its color can last for weeks.

Modern Body Painting
Soccer body painting and body paint soccer girls. With the liberalization of thought and wider acceptance of public expression of cultural freedom, especially regarding nudity, in the 1960s, body painting is an art form has seen resurgence in the West.
However, there is still debate about whether the body painting is really an art form? although practitioners and followers have no doubt about it. This is quite clearly not only the proliferation of salons and artists body painting, body painting festitival often held on a regular basis in the state of the United States as well as in European countries.
Fine Art of Body Painting
In the era of post-1960s, several experimental methods were tried, like the model covered with paint by rolling on the canvas so the paint will stick to the body. And it depends on the paint used, whether the multi-hued or in monotones, because the images created will be very interesting.

In painting the body, an idea taken from various sources such as alternative art, fine art, runes, mythology. Usually this activity is associated with a form of protest such as in this case the protest about political policy, or in terms of football.