Monday, September 12, 2011

Burberry Shoes

Burberry Shoes
Duo High Heels from Burberry Shoes

Burberry Shoes Okay I got so excited over Gwyneth's Burberry oxfords that I sort of just went on a Burberry shoe hunt. I found some great flats that would be ideal for summer!! I think both of these flats shown would look great with either a summer dress/skirt or even shorts :) I know the Burberry plaid can at times be just as cheesy as the LV monogram but I think these two flats are pretty demure in their plaid design. I also found the sling-back flats in the black and white plaid and I would probably go with that color combo instead of the original Burberry plaid colors. A note on perforation...I'm usually not into perforated items cus its pretty easy to make them look cheap but Burberry somehow made it work on these peep-toe flats.

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