Monday, September 19, 2011

Ferrari Signed on for Transformers 3, Could Porsche be Far Behind?

Signed for Transformers 3 Ferrari, Porsche Kon away?

Michael will be released Blow It All Up 'Bay has to say the word out there: Italy Ferrari 458 which will be (and the Autobots) in the third Transformers movie, 1 July 2011th Bay from the announcement while attending a fund-raising Ferrari, where the red-blood Italian brand is to build the money into a hospital in Haiti.

Its website says that John Malkovich In The Line Of Fire () and Frances McDormand (Fargo will be) here) with Ken Jeong (SeƱor Chang community.

Bay said: "We shot in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Russia and China." Get your spy-shot ready, folks.

I think the Ferrari was formerly Chase (a Testa Rossa) and Braver (previously F40). If not, ultimately, a poor, confused version of a different kind I grew up with, as ex-Porsche 935-Jazz, a Thugged-out Pontiac Solstice (see nobody else at his death in the first of a suspect?).

If you have ideas about who else might Ferrari 458 - or should - be, let your ideas in comments below.