Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Android mall entrance shortly with apps, games, e-books, audio books and music

Technology News - We already have utterly a few Android Appstore and large third celebration concentration sources for Android OS Platform. But here let me deliver we initial Android mall from that claimed to be charity not usually Apps for Andorid though some-more than only apps. Thousands of apps, games and giveaway e-books. Premium e-books, audio books and song are entrance really shortly for we your Android Devices in one place.

A good news for Android developers to hearten that mall will offer some-more distinction than any other Appstore – instead of a attention customary 70/30 ratio, they’re going for a 80/20. For Android users mall is betrothed to yield peculiarity calm rather than fill adult a store with crap. As Seavus’ CEO Igor Lestar (the association behind Android Mall) mentioned their concentration is “on peculiarity rather than quantity.”

The new Android mall is entrance shortly with some-more than 7.000 apps and 37.000 e-books in starting. Let’s see if can take a punch of marketplace share. Stay tuned with us during Facebook and Twitter to get refurbish on latest Android News. via. source.[Source]

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