Thursday, September 22, 2011

make up fashion

In contrast to the soft, natural, sporty, Ralph Lauren country style inspired makeup and fashion trends that are now in vogue, there exists another opposing trend which is currently thriving and evolving. This trend is a sharp look that is enhanced through strong, bold, often dark, and always defined, streamlines reminiscent of the 40s and 50s. In clothing this fashion includes elongated or turned up shoulder silhouettes (albeit, the turned up shoulders are a short lived fad while the structured shoulders are here to stay for some time); cinched in high waists; fitted hips, girth and upper buttock area; weighty, skyscraper heels or wedged platforms (yet in-set); pointy toes; and stovepipes and pegged in slacks, skirts and jeans. It's a fashion that accentuates curves, and then contrasts them against acute angles and defined lines. The end result is a matronly, stylised, adult like, dressy, power hungry look. A highly disciplined femininity with a slight domineering twist.

The contrast and cohesion of this power-play vs femininity 50s inspired fashion has also spilled over into the world of makeup. Within these peripherals, the makeup style is strong and defined and also includes strong streamlines. One of these fashions includes the change that has occurred to nails - round or oval nails, and more recently, to pointy shapes. The dark, long, lean elegance of the Betty Davis styled nails have replaced the square and squaval tacky white french manicured sporty length talons alla 00s porn star. Again, it's a more feminine style, yet edgier and with slight masochistic, darker tone.
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