Monday, September 19, 2011

Toyota Avalon

Serene, luxurious, but not flashy. It succeeded so well in capturing that market that Buick is re-launching itself as an American performance brand. Toyota Avalon scared them well enough away. Before considering an Avalon, ask, do I enjoy turning corners vigorously? If yes, walk over to the Buick dealer and invest in a LaCrosse. The long and short is that it’ll be more rewarding to drive. If comfort trumps all, keep reading.

Toyota Avalon The Avalon hasn’t changed its course much in its three generations. It's still mechanically based on a stretched Camry platform, with adequate power and loads of space. The current version, which had some minor updates in 2010, continues with that formula.

At nearly 200-inches long and 73-inches wide, the Avalon provides a big body to stuff people and cargo into, although at 14.4 cu. ft. the trunk isn’t as big as you might expect. Toyota Avalon Should you need space for longer items, however, the 60/40 split-folding rear seat accommodates those needs.

Those dimensions also allow for a large, roomy cabin with stretch-out room for five. The gauges are well organized and clear, and the Avalon has one of Toyota’s more well-laid-out dashboards.