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Blogger Lift #30

Blogger Lift:

Blogger Lift Is Hosted Here. and in Goodreads on YABC. Blogger Lift is a feature in which I'll promote blogs I follow and that I recommenced you.

Blogger Lift is Filled until next year! Thank you to all the Blogger who have participated and those who Signed Up!

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Featured this week:

The Reader's Antidote.

Meet The Blogger:
My name is Nicole Mainardi. I am a college student with an English major, and an avid reader, mostly of young adult paranormal novels. I'm living in the Los Angeles area, though I've lived in Arizona, Michigan, and San Diego. I play soccer, but that's about the only exercise I can stand. The first book website I belonged to was Goodreads where you can find many more of my book reviews. Since then I've become a member of netGalley and Librarything. I am currently finished with a very rough draft of my first novel of 103,000 words, which is a YA paranormal romance.

The Interview :D!

1. In Between Writing and Reading what do you like to do :)?
Well, I go to college full-time (not something I really like to do, but have to), spend time with my boyfriend, and play soccer when ever I can. But most of my time is monopolized by reading and writing, so there's very little I can fill the time with.

2. Convince me to join your blog twitter style. 140 Characters or less. GO!
The sad thing is that I actually opened up Twitter and typed in the box :D Here it goes:  [In Between note: Lol xD]

Young adult book blog where I read and review YA novels, dish out swoon-worthy book news, recap author events, and feature author interviews

...140 exactly.

3. A Fruit. A Hobby. A Car.

Fruit: Driscoll's raspberries, specifically. No other brand does it for me. I'm very particular with my raspberries.

Hobby: Would it be repetitive if I said writing? Writing really is my hobby though. And so is reading. Something's not right here...

Car: The car I currently own is a Saturn Ion, which used to be my mom's. I would LOVE an Volvo XC60, but I'll likely get the Volvo C30 which is equally as awesome.

4. A book to-be release in 2012 that you are Super Exited about.
I'm sorry, you're expecting just one? One ain't gonna happen. But I'll compromise and give you two: Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth and City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments #5) by Cassandra Clare.

5. The best past of Blogging so far?
The people are amazing! The blogosphere is so nurturing and caring and they really want you to do well. Also, getting to know authors in the interviews I hold has been a blast, and the fact that people actually care and comment on things that come from the dark depths of my demented mind is so humbling.

6. THE book you are most thankful of getting in your hands and reading?

Another unfair question! There's so many! I'll compromise again and give you three, because I really can't answer this question without all of these: Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone, Twilight, and City of Bones. Harry Potter got me back into reading, Twilight made me realize I wanted to write in the YA paranormal romance genre, and City of Bones inspires me to write on a daily basis. You see why I couldn't choose? These books have basically shaped who I am as a writer/reader.

7. and the Holiday Question: if you could invent a Holiday Book-Related, what would you name it and what would we do?

I would call it Awesome Day, but that doesn't really tell you what it is. I think I would call it Lit for Kids Day instead. It sounds kind of lame, but basically I think schools all over the United States (the WORLD if we could make it happen) should give their children the whole day off to read a book of their choice (which the parents would record for the school), and then have the child donate that book to some organization so that a child that has no books can read. I don't know, it's in the works people.

8. and now a detailed description of your blog ;)
Oooh details! *cracks fingers* Here we go:

My book blog is a place where I'd like to think readers and fellow bloggers can go to get their reading fix (hence the name). I give honest reviews of only YA novels, and most are paranormal romances. I host giveaways as often as I can with my budget and participate in weekly memes and reading challenges. I also go to as many author events near me as I can, and always give recaps of these signings for my readers. I started my own meme called Building My Bookshelf, which you can find on the tabs below the header. I will be updating people on the blog with my journey towards being a YA author. I have an author interviews page, which has been one of the funnest parts of blogging because not only does it give you a reason to talk to your favorite authors, but it also gives your readers extra insight into the books and authors they love as well. I just try to make it fun, not only for my readers and followers, but for myself as well.

Thanks For Being part of Blogger Lift Nicole! and sorry for the unfair questions x)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interview with Jody Kihara

About Jody:

 I'm an author of mid-grade and young adult novels. I also have a couple of chapter books that I'd love to find an illustrator for!
You can check out my website (http://www.jodykihara.com) or preview my books via the Amazon Kindle store (http://amzn.to/jkhas) or Smashwords (http://bit.ly/jksm). I'd also love to also chat with you on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/jodykihara) ...and here, of course!

I'm an avid reader, and NEVER tire of discussing books!

1.-As a Writer, what has been your newest discovery?
Jody Kihara: My most fun discovery was how important my critique friends have become, not just to my writing, but to my life. They crack the whip when I need to do my editing, and rescue me when I’m feeling down. Some have become true BFFs. If you’re a writer, start getting critique partners ― you’ll learn more critiquing each others’ work than you will through any course. And you’ll make some lifelong friends!

2.-Convince me to buy your book Twitter Style. 140 Characters or less. GO!
Witch! Ghost! Ghost-of-witch! Cemetery, nightmares, scary dog, drowning… Shaya has to solve a 13-year-old mystery before Halloween.

3.-Would you be so kind as to unlock the treasures of White Witch Pond
Here’s the official blurb. (Side note: don’t you just hate the word ‘blurb’? You’d think writers and publishers could come up with a better term!)
Shaya Solen’s walk home from school takes her past an eerie pond, where one day she finds an old bracelet made of raven feathers. Soon, strange events begin to unfold: a shadowy figure across the water, ominous nightmares, and rumours of a witch who once drowned in the pond. With the discovery of a strange family connection to the witch, Shaya is drawn into a mystery that looks like it must be solved before the approaching Halloween… which is the thirteenth anniversary of the witch’s death.
(then cue music: dah-dahnnn!)

4.-How is it that you came up with the story for White Witch Pond?
I was having one of those magical creative streaks, in which I drafted 3 books in a 6-month period. (One was a chapter book, so it’s not like they were super long… but still!). The other two books are quite goofy, so I was in the mood to write something with some atmosphere. Most of my book ideas come from me suddenly ‘seeing’ one of the scenes in my head, and for White Witch Pond it was the opening scene, in which Shaya finds the witch’s bracelet. From there, the story just came to me… and White Witch Pond was my fastest ‘write’ ever! Which is possibly why the story is so fast-paced!

5.-Shaya – main Character of White Witch Pond – was just the perfect character for the story, she was real and held the perfect combination of everything, she was the cherry on top of the cake. Where you like Shaya as a kid? Did she come completely from your head or was there more inspiration?
Most of my characters arrive fully-formed, so I don’t really have to ‘think them out’. I love characters so much (mine and others), and I’m fascinated by psychology, so ‘inventing’ a character is the one thing I don’t have to struggle with. I think there’s a bit of Shaya in me… although it’s Devin who’s taken from real life - he’s based on my older brother (shh!) And all the family bickering scenes are definitely taken from childhood, LOL!

6.-Now that I think about it… Ailishaya is not the most ordinary name. Where did that one came from?

When I decided I wanted a name connection between Shaya and the witch, I needed a name that ‘Shaya’ could be a shortened version of. I know a girl called Ailish, so I simply put the two together. It is a cool name, come to think of it!

7.-I think you are an author with so much potential and with a really good writing style that I would describe as flawless, Any suggestions for us aspiring writers?

First of all – thank you!
Advice for writers:
1. Critiquing, as I mentioned before. You’ll learn as much from critiquing other people’s work as you will from having your own critiqued. A great website for this is Critique Circle, because you get input from several different people at once, and they’ll all notice different things: logic, pacing, character development, grammar, and writing style.
2. Grammar – learn it! The one thing you have to be careful of with critiquing is that there are many people out there with a rather, er, shaky grasp of grammar. This is one thing you should learn from a book or school and NOT the net… unless it’s a site you can trust, like Grammar Girl or OWL at Purdue (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/5/). But many writers and bloggers give writing advice that is NOT correct, so make sure you’re thoroughly grounded in it!
3. Keep at the writing. Most of us take a break in late highschool or university because we’re busy studying, and sometimes you have to take that break ― just make sure you get back to writing soon, because like any skill, it’s a ‘use it or lose it’ deal! I had to take a long break once because my day job was so busy, and when I went back to writing, I was shocked by how much my skills had backslid!
4. When you’re drafting a novel, try taking a break from reading other books. You want to keep your mind receptive to YOUR ideas. If you do read while you’re drafting, read something in a similar writing style, because it’s surprising how much another author’s writing style can influence your own without you realizing it!

8.-Tell us a secret ;)
A writer’s secret weapon: chocolate and tea.
(Wait, that’s two weapons…)

9.-Last but not least, what doors are next to unlock?
I’m releasing two more books this summer, one Young Adult historical fiction and one chapter book. Then I have a stack of drafted novels waiting to be edited.
It would be nice to see book sales taking off. In the meantime, I’d like to unlock the door to a bank vault. J

Thank You So Much to Jody Kihara for giving me the chance to review your Book White Witch Pond and for being so kind in answering this interview witch, according to Miss Jody Kihara, was a bit of a challenge


Other Books By Jody Kihara:

White Witch Pond - Jody Kihara

White Witch Pond by Jody Kihara
Date Released:  February 22nd 2011
Date Read: June 2011
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Author

Shaya Solen’s walk home from school takes her past an eerie pond, where one day she finds an old bracelet made of raven feathers. Soon, strange events begin to unfold: a shadowy figure glimpsed across the water, ominous nightmares haunting Shaya, and rumors of a witch who once drowned in the pond. With the discovery of a strange family connection to the witch, Shaya is drawn into a mystery that must be solved before the approaching Halloween, which is the thirteenth anniversary of the witch’s death – and Shaya’s birthday.

My Review:

They say photos are worth more than a thousand words. I think the same about tittles. When reading the title of White Witch Pond and learning that the main character was somewhere around 12 years old, I thought it would be about a little girl meeting this witch and then becoming friends or something. A little spook in the middle but, no more than that. Turns out it’s a creepy story, with a creepy witch and creepy situations. Preconceived Ideas. What would we do without them?

Even though the books has a twelve year old as its main character, I think that White Witch Pond is a book for a little bit older teens, ‘cause my twelve year old niece was having a little bit trouble with the writing style – very good by the way – and with sleeping at night xDD…. I didn’t of course…. Like non, I slept like a baby while reading it, never scared, I’m seventeen pfft! No problems. No. Zero. Nada. O.O

Yes, you can probably smell the lie ten countries away. I can’t stand scary movies or books or even haunted mansions. I get scared WAY to easily. I still love ‘em though. That’s called masochism. The books wasn’t THAT scary, though It did had its creepy parts, especially if you read them at night, and your window is closed.

One of my favorite things about the books was Shaya – the main character – she was so sweet and innocent, but still, she held her bravery up high. She actually reminds me of me in my early teen years.

The story is a light fun and sure to give goose-bumps book – it took me like, 3 weeks to read it, I had my SAT’s- but then I decided to re-read it ‘cause I couldn’t remember it by the time I continued reading it xD It took me only 2 hours. In my 6 hour ride to San Francisco, White Witch Pond definitely made my day trip.

Even though the story IS kinda creepy and scary, the ending was just PERFECT. With the right amount of everything, from sweetness to humor. It guaranteed that it will leave you with a smile plastered in your face when you read the last line

A must read when you’re on your way to San Francisco… maybe not forcefully to San Francisco but it works! xD
“A note sat on the kitchen table. Shaya snatched it up and read:
I'm taking Dev to the clinic, he's still sick. Didn't want to wake you, you were sleeping so soundly. Hope to be back early afternoon.
PS – don't forget you're grounded

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Blogger Lift #29

Blogger Lift:

Blogger Lift Is Hosted Here. and in Goodreads on YABC. Blogger Lift is a feature in which I'll promote blogs I follow and that I recommenced you.

Blogger Lift is Filled until next year! Thank you to all the Blogger who have participated and those who Signed Up!

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Requirements Of Blogger Lift

Featured this week:

Literary Exploration

Meet The Blogger:
Hi, I'm Anna and I'm addicted to reading :) It started back in third grade when I first read Harry Potter and became a freak about reading. I think I read the first two books in a week, which for a third grader is fast! I started this blog back in March, 2011 so I could keep up with my reviews, but mostly to follow other book bloggers! I'm officially as addicted to blogging as I am to reading and I'm loving all the great people I'm meeting :) Someday I hope to be an English teacher, but we'll see when that happens. I'm happy to talk about anything and everything book related!

The Interview :D!

1.-In Between Writing and Reading what do you like to do :)?
I love sitting down and having TV marathons with friends. We'll watch an entire season of a show over the course of a couple days! I also really enjoy going to book signings in the area and meeting my favorite authors; I try to get to as many as I can when I'm not busy with work and school. Otherwise I'm pretty easy, I like to go out to eat, go to movies, just hang out and chill. A lot of my life revolves around reading, since I'm an English major, so I honestly don't do much else.

2. Convince me to join your blog twitter style. 140 Characters or less. GO!
It's a YA blog that features reviews, interviews, giveaways, and all kinds of fun stuff! I post everyday so there's always something new!

3. A Plant. A Movie. A Candy.
Aloe Vera. The Last Unicorn. Peach Rings. [In Between Note: The Last Unicorn? aww, that's such a classic!]

4.-What's the Upcoming Release you are most exited about?
Oh gosh, that's a hard one! Seriously, I'm excited for almost every book coming out in 2012, but the closest one to now would be Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare in December. I am so freakin excited to read the next installment!! Have you read Clockwork Angel yet?! If you haven't I suggest you go out and buy it RIGHT NOW!!

5.-Best Part Of Blogging?
The people I've met! I've made so many awesome friends since I started blogging, and met a lot of authors who are really great! Blogging has also opened my mind up to reading books I normally wouldn't even consider, which is so awesome!

6.-Now the Holiday Question: if you could invent a Holiday Book Related, what would you call it and what would we do?
Ohhhh hmmm... probably Read and Eat Day. I love to eat... and I love to read.. soo I feel like this makes sense. It would be like a sort of readathon/Thanksgiving combo holiday. We would invite all our friends over and cook lots of yummy food and sit around and eat and read and trade books. Can we work on making this an official holiday?  [In Between Note: I Totally Support This Idea]

7.- and now a detailed description of your blog ;)
Again, it's a YA book blog where I participate in weekly memes, reading challenges (as of 2012!!!), host giveaways, write reviews, and just discuss my love for YA books! I'm 21, so I don't have a lot of friends who read YA anymore, so my blog is my personal discussion board! I'm working on getting some author interviews and guest posts set up, but I'm still pretty new to everything so LOOK OUT FOR MORE AWESOME!!


I LOVED your answers Anna! Thanks for being part of Blogger Lift :D!

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In My Mailbox #21

In My Mailbox

IMM is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren.

Got Some Galleys This Week :D!

Can't wait to read them all :DD!

Soooo.... what did YOU Get In Your Mailbox  :)?

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Small Hiatus

Hey guys, it's that time of the semester where I get tons of final exams and a bunch of final projects so, right now I really do need to focus on that.

I'll be back December 11th.

Thanks to all my followers, I'll miss you a lot :)

The Tedy Bear Loves you, I Love you, and I'll see you in a few weeks :D!

PS: Blogger Lift goes on, don't worry, and I also have a bunch of reviews coming soon:

*Legend by Marie Lu - November 29th
*Ripple by Mandy Hubbard
*A Series of Unfortunate Events [Books 1-3]
*Wonderstruck by  Brian Selznick
*There You'll Find Me by

TBR Challenge

I will be joining the 2010 TBR Challenge, which will be a great way to get rid of that HUGE pile. I'll be aiming for the level in Friendly Hug [it really all depends on school] You guys should really go and check that out :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Pledge - Kimberly Derting

The Pledge by
Date Released: November 15th 2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Pages: 323 pages
Date Read: November 14th 2011
Format: ARC
Source: Simon Schuster October Galley Grab

In the violent country of Ludania, the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak. The smallest transgression, like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking their native tongue, results in immediate execution. Seventeen-year-old Charlaina has always been able to understand the languages of all classes, and she's spent her life trying to hide her secret. The only place she can really be free is the drug-fueled underground clubs where people go to shake off the oppressive rules of the world they live in. It's there that she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy named Max who speaks a language she's never heard before . . . and her secret is almost exposed.

Charlie is intensely attracted to Max, even though she can't be sure where his real loyalties lie. As the emergency drills give way to real crisis and the violence escalates, it becomes clear that Charlie is the key to something much bigger: her country's only chance for freedom from the terrible power of a deadly regime.

My Review:

Wow, I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure what to expect because, for ARC's I don't usually read the summaries.... just in case I get wrong ideas before I even start. So I just jumper right into it and I was just hooked. The book was so addictive! it was so easy to enter Charlie's world, a world in which, depending on the language you speak, the class you belong to. So when her city is under attack and she has to leave her home, she discovers a secret that will change everything; also, the Queen realizes that Charlie is a very important piece in her game... 

And then there's Max. :D and Amazing guy that has some secrets of his own, and maybe I'm just naive but I was so shocked when I found out what I found out O.O I'm not telliiiiing....

In general I was constantly being surprised as the story unraveled, especially around the ending. The story also reminded me a little bit of Eragon and The Hunger Games, though this didn't make me enjoy it any less, Charlie was an awesome character, it was a great storyline, there was a guy and I constantly had my heart pounding along with Charlie's. What more can we ask for?

What are you so afraid of?

Tweet Review
Awesome characters, it was a great storyline, there was a guy and I constantly had my heart pounding along with Charlie's. What more can we ask for?

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