Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The DNF Collection


This is a Collection of Books I have not finished since I started reading 2 years ago, I actually thought it was going to be Bigger! x)
but luckily I haven't encountered that many books I don't like, and a few here are NOT staying DNF! I Swear! I really do want to read them :)


How To Make A Bird by Martine Murray:
Boring as Hell. Beautifully written.... but still boring u_u

The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Tera Elan McVoy
I just wasn't able to ever get into the story :( I do hope to pick it up again sometimes, I really wanted to like it.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
by Morgan Marson
I have no problem with this book, the story is good and everything, but I just start reading, then leave it and never pick it up again. it's like I can't remember I was reading it. and I'm So Disappointed in myself for that! It has awesome reviews and I didn't want to like it, I wanted to LOVE it! This one is so NOT staying DNF. this it just for the moment. :)

by Alexandra Adornetto
Heard some Wonderful Reviews for this one, but I just.... ummm... never clicked? or something with the book... it seemed a bit dumb at times. but I also plan to finish this one, I'm still curious about it.