Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blogger Lift #33

Blogger Lift:

Blogger Lift Is Hosted Here. and in Goodreads on YABC. Blogger Lift is a feature in which I'll promote blogs I follow and that I recommenced you.

Blogger Lift is Filled until next year! Thank you to all the Blogger who have participated and those who Signed Up!

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Featured this week

Books Are Vital
Well she's this blog author. She's 19 going on 50. No, really; she's the kind of girl that when she finally gets a day off she likes to stay at home and read for pleasure, sometimes she even knits and she has even...
listened to Celine Dion a few times while doing all this.

But now, Melannie is older and wiser and has stopped putting herself through dangerous situations.
NOT REALLY. She actually decided to apply for med school and got in. She's about to start her third year there and has never been happier. When naive strangers have the nerve to ask Melannie how is it possible that she has time to read FOR PLEASURE while also being in Med School, she always answers with the same sentence: BOOKS ARE VITAL. You can't go on everyday without them, so you better find time for them. So if you ever happen to see her in person, don't be scared of the huge purpuish bags under her
blod-shot eyes, she probably comes from an all-night date...
with her 1000-something pages med books.
The Interview :D!

1.-In Between Writing and Reading what do you like to do?
What I do is study. A lot. However, what I would like to do is watch movies all the time. I love movies as much as books. Wait, or maybe shopping!
or book/movie shopping!, OH HEAVEN.

2. Convince me to join your blog twitter style. 140 Characters or less. GO! *uses the force* You will join my blog because you agree about books being vital to someone's health. And you like fun reviews with pics!

3.- A Color. A Candy. A Car.
Blue, Twizzlers, smart for two.

4.-You are in Med School, you run a book blog, and your policy is Books Are Vital. You still have a life right? 
Life? what is that?   
I'm not going to lie, I don't go out much, I have to study a lot to keep up with my classes, and when I have time, I'm usually tired and the only thing I want is to read in bed or take a nap. There's also the thing that a lot of my friends are from med school too, so they're in the same position. But it's not so bad, it will have its rewards. I hope. Let's be possitive.
5.- If you could prescribe one book for the whole world, which one would it be?
For a healthy state of mind and illness-free body I would advice you to read...
I don't know, whatever you feel like reading. Don't be ashamed if you like romance novels, magazines or Don Quixote. Books Are Vital, remember?. ;)  

6.- Now the Holiday Question: if you could create a Book Related Holiday, what would you call it and what would we do?
Mmm, this is a difficult one. Let's call it "Huntatonofbooks" and we will all have to buy books and then one person will hide them in our backyards then everyone else will have to look for them and read them that same day, whoever completes the task gets a free blizzard from Dairy Queen.

[In Between Note: Sign Me Up O.O]

7.- and now a detailed description of your Blog :)
My blog likes to wear gifs and other fun stuff, although it is never fully dressed, if you know what I mean. My blog only allows me to publish reviews for YA books because it cannot stomach something else. It also likes pictures, so I post a lot of them.

Thanks For Being part of Blogger Lift Melannie! :)
PS for Mel: I'm sorry! D: [hehe, she gets it]