Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack :)

After surviving the most complicated couple of weeks, I can finally and proudly say that I survived my first semester in college with decent grades :D! Yesterday I did my last exam and even though this first semester was great and just can't express how amazing it is that it's OVER. I mean, Thank God! I thought the stress wasn't going to end xD made awesome friends, including an awesome teacher [Happy Birthday by the way Ivan]

Interesting things that happened this past weeks:

-American Horror Story is by far the Best series I have ever seen. it has messed with my head badly.
-Reading while in exams is nearly impossible without your mind turning into scrambled egg.
-Confirmed I cannot cook. Period.
-That I am addicted to Tumblr.
-That your room needs to be clean. seriously, it drove me mad seeing my room a mess while studying. nice and clean now :3
-and that sleeping, in college, in finals is a luxury. Oh and the bags under my eyes are slowly healing.

I'm back to reviewing starting next week along with sleeping x) And the cute cat above? Mine :D she's 2 months old and she's sooo soooo soooo cute! meet Luna.

Can't wait for Christmas and to start Blogging again :D!