Sunday, December 11, 2011

Open For Business :)

Since I have my life back I'll be accepting book request this month, January and until February :)

of course the open for Business thing is just a saying, 'cause this is just for fun and not a job or anything, which brings me to my next point:

Inspired by The Story Siren and a few events that happened the last few weeks I am changing my review policy and am being VERY clear with what I accept and I don't.

so authors, he's some important info:

Want me to read your book?
If I accept your review request keep in mind that I hold every right to read, or not your book. I do this for Free, because it's Fun -usually- and it is almost a 100% probable that I'll read your book if I accept it. But it is my choice.

No harassing or bashing my name if I don't want to accept a review request [yup, happened.]

Read my Review Policy.
While I was in school I had a really clear note that said in Big Bold Letter: Not Accepting Review Request. you know how many review request I got? More that Twenty. Are. You. Kidding. Me? so much for checking my review policy.

So do us both a favor and read it! I know it may seem long, but it is veeeery important that you do! please? pretty pretty please?

Know My Reviews
I don't analyze in detail a book, or tell the story line all over again. I give My PERSONAL opinion what I thought about the book. so If you're looking for a reviewer that makes deep analyze, from characters to story to cover and such, I am not her. Read a few of my reviews, see if you like my style and then shoot me a message.

Fake Flatter? Seriously?
I Love Love Loooove it when someone says they enjoy my blog! but sometimes you can just tell it's completely FAKE.

You already now that the message they are sending you is like: I love [your blog name here] yada yada yada. worse, when it says something like: "I find your blog very informative and it has definitely changed my lifestyle and I'm more happy." I mean, whaaaaat? when the heck did my blog turned out to be inspirational and managed Feng-shui?

 [Copy-Paste from The Story Siren] "Don't Bride Me
Another thing that is an instant turn off.

“I’ll send you a copy of my book, if you promise me a review.”
“I’ll send you a $20 amazon gift card if you’ll post a review of my book.”

I’ve received variations of those two statements. I find that very insulting."

It really is insulting. I support Kristy on this 100%. on everything really. she's amazing.

I think that's all, but yeah, read the policy, then message me.